Short bios on everyone at chasing snowflakes. It takes a large amount of man power to get anything done right. This page features the writers, skiers, editors and cinematographers that make it all happen! Page in progress.

Dan Evans


Photographer, Skier

Born: Edmonton, AB

Lives: Banff, AB

Occupation: Visual Assassin

Favourite beer: Any IPA with more hops than sense

Favourite run: In bounds: Cream at Sunshine Village. Out of bounds: Whatever run I’m on

Ski setup: K2 Sidestash with Dynafit Radicals

Hot tub or sauna? Definitely swayed to sauna this year. If you've showered in a sauna in the BC, you know why.

Bio: Moved to the Rockies after a less successful career of city life, I've worked every job from dish pit to filmmaker. Now I spend my time shooting everything that moves, with two hats on: 1. Owner of Rtown Banff Television & 2. Freelance ski and landscape photographer.


Jesse Matthewman

Skier, Ski Tech, Writer, pilot, Dude with the sleds

Born: 1993, Vancouver, BC

Heli bitches.jpg

Lives: Canmore, Alberta/ Sproat Lake, Vancouver Island/ Molokai, Hawaii

Occupation: Ski Tech

Favourite Beer: Molson Pilsner

Favourite Run: Pillow Farm at Sale mountain, Revy.

Ski setup: Homemade skis, Look px12's and Fulltilt Conflicts.

Hot tub or sauna? Hot tub. Gets the back cramps out.

Bio: Hey guys, I’m Jesse and I spend my winters split between surfing and spearfishing in Hawaii, and sled skiing and generally getting rad in Canmore. My summers are usually out on Vancouver island, dirtbagging around, climbing, wakeboarding, surfing, biking, flying, driving rally and everything else there is to do out there. I love winter, love summer, and try to work as little as possible!


Kyle Lamothe


Skier, Writer, Head Honcho

Occupation: Hotel manager

Born: “Rad knows no age” but we think somewhere in northern Ontario

Favourite beer: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Favourite run: Star$$ In the Dive, Sunshine Village

Ski setup: Grace Kylie's Grace Jakes 


Hot tub or sauna? Hot tub, with bitches. Dogs, not women. 


293736_10151178350194193_1552449408_n (1).jpg
mike portrait.jpg

Michael Hall  


Born: Bath, England.

Lives: Banff, AB.

Occupation: Ski Bum

Favourite Beer: Ideally Weissbier, in reality PBR.

Favourite Run: Rocket Pocket. It's also my least favourite. For general fun Delirium Dive never disappoints.

Ski Setup: Coreupt Slashers, Dukes, Tecnica Cochise.

Hot tub or sauna? Half in the hot tub.

Bio: I'm a man of few words.


Erik Olsen

 Mr Olsen 

Mr Olsen 

Snowboarder, Writer, Skier, Intrepid Adventurer, Editor. In that Order 


Born: Meaford, Ontario. Yah you read that right.

Occupation: Hotelier 

Favourite beer: Okanagan 1516

Favourite run: Which ever one i'm walking up.

Ski setup: My splitboard, my whip, and good company.

Bio: Pensive, reticent, wannabe word smith. Soul of a ski bum. 



Andrew Paszt


Occupation: Hotel desk guru

Born: Belleville Ontario

Favourite beer: Corona

Favourite run: G series, cream, hotels and garbage chutes at ssv

Ski setup: Ninthward Early Rise w marker F12’s

Hot tub or sauna?: hot tubbin’

Bio: You put on your boots, click into your bindings, dust the snow off your skis, and head out for the hill, and it doesn't matter that you failed a test, didn't get the girl, your world is right for the next few hours.