Sure, why not?

I said wouldn't be going to the local pocket glacier on Mcrea this year. Sure it's skiing but it's flat, short and it's a bit of a walk for 100m of vertical skiing. Revelstoke has had a few good early season storms that built up the base in hurry.  With sun on the forecast and nothing better to do with my day off David convinced me to go for a walk out to Mcrea . At least the views would be worth the effort, they always are. 

The view from the road is pure magic. 

The road was generally snow free all the way to the rec site parking lot and while some might argue that what we did was skinning , we did skin right from the car.  We took the high route through the cut block and through the forest because it would " save time ". It didn't. We trashed through thin cover until we reached the meadows, eventually. Once in the alpine it was obvious that there had recently been a rain event follow by below freezing temperatures. Normally this would be a major bummer but when it's October and the snow pack is 50cm or less this is freaking awesome. The crust was super dooper sportive and was covered in large surface hoar crystals. This meant we could ski anything that was snow covered without worrying about rocks and that meant no boring glacier today!

This snow has a lot of traction!

Finally out of the woods


Mcrea peak

Surface hoar

So we had a look around and decided to stick to the zone just off the summer trail. This offered some exciting skiing over steep terrain and we spent the afternoon mini golfing. I will keep the words short and substitute photos and a quick edit because who wants to read anyways?  

dude, do a method. 

Signs of intelligent life

Arrow lakes in the distance looking majestic AF


Sluffing surface hoar

Second run

All and all it was probably the best skiing I have ever had in October and I can't believe I almost didn't go! It's easy to become the jaded local snow snob over the years and be too cool for " skiing on grass and rocks" but  hey, it's just skiing. Go have fun and you might get rewarded or not. Whatever.