After The Sky Falls

Reviewing ski movies isn’t something that we really do here at Chasing Snowflakes. That being said, the guys over at Nimbus Independent just dropped an incredible movie that we think you should buy.

If you haven’t been following along, Nimbus Independent has been around since 2007, featuring the skiing, shooting, editing and artistic abilities of Eric Pollard, Chris Benchetler, Pep Fujas and Andy Mahre. In fact, after watching the Hunting Yeti series I was inspired to pick up a camera that wasn’t a point and shoot for the first time in my life. (You can find thier entire back catalog for free on Vimeo at

Chris getting all... Title Screen

I have to say, that while I am a huge fan of the roots of nimbus and their early work that focused as much on the road trip as it did the skiing, their new 29 minute feature film After the Sky Falls is cinematically probably the best ski movie I have ever seen. You can hit pause at almost any given point during the film and you will see an almost perfectly framed still photo. The music selection was spot on for what they were trying to portray, and the flashes of other activities including surfing, mountain biking and rock climbing give a snapshot of what it’s like living in the mountains. There are no down days, just other sports to explore.

Lollipop Pillows. Like a Dream

As always with Nimbus, you are left with a feeling that everything you have just watched is attainable. This movie feels exactly like a highlight reel of you going out and hanging out with your buddies. You ride some gnarly technical lines, you build some kickers, you screw around on the cat tracks. This doesn’t feel like a movie with paid skiers pushing the limits of the human body on the spines of Alaska, or pushing the sport of skiing a little further in the park at Mammoth. These guys aren’t the typical crew of acquaintances that get to ride together for 2 weeks every other year. They are friends, and they leave you feeling stoked to get together with your crew and go bag a peak and a new gnarly line.

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