Christel Hamel - World Cup and Online School

Christel Hamel - Duties & Skis ep1

Skiing: we all share that same passion, but it’s that same passion that too many people are quitting for “grown ups responsibilities”. We all dream about living the dream, but not many people dare to pursue that goal.

Christel Hamel, a young mogul skier and student from University of Montreal found a way to do it. Her story is pretty similar to many other passionate skiers in their early twenties, except there’s a happy ending.

Christel started skiing at the age of 2 with her family. After spending about 5 years (from 8 to 12) on the Saint-Sauveur race team, she switched for mogul skiing. From then, she quickly went up the ladder: regional team for 1 year, elite team for 2 years, provincial team for 3 years (1 on the development team and 2 on the official team), national team for another few years and she is now starting her first season on the world cup team (congrats!). Obviously, training and travelling full time like that wouldn’t be an option for most of us who are stuck behind a desk working or studying all year long.

Online school has been the answer she was looking for. She started taking distance classes after high school. It wasn’t always easy for her to organize her schedule, but she had a goal and it kept her motivated to do it. So far it paid off! She is now at university doing online school and she is able to attend to all her trainings and contests. She even got hooked with Riobel inc., who’s supporting her in her skiing.



Studying while being on the world cup team keeps her mind worry free since she knows that if she gets seriously injured (the “career-ending” kind of injury) she’ll have a plan B to pay the bills. If skiing all year long and travel around the world to do it is something you’d like to try without quitting school, online school could be a sweet option for you.

Christel’s goal this winter is to get many top 10 results on the world cup tour, and hopefully a top 6. We are wishing her the best of luck for her results and we are looking forward to see her punching front flips and tricks all around the world!

Stay tuned to see her dominate the slope!