Sell Out

Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom in life so you can pick up the remaining pieces and head in the direction you were initially meant to. Now rock bottom varies from person to person and is based on their qualities and passions, so my " rock bottom " was a ten by twelve office with a great view, a great salary and a nine to five Monday to Friday "Career". It's your typical ideal situation and one that most North Americans strive for but it wasn't for me. It's not that I wasn't good at it, I was damned good at it, I worked seven days a week, ten hours a day and as a hotel general manager in a high turn over area I was just gaining traction by the end of spring and was able to take a day off here and there.  Before I knew it the resort loaded it's last chair and | wasn't on it. I hadn't been on that chair for month and only a few times a month the whole season. At some point I had stopped thinking of myself as a skier and more of a working professional and after that, a sell out for a paycheck no less. That is certainly not the motivator in my life and I certainly do not want my son so grow up with that mindset. Figure our what makes you happy, do that and build your life around your passion, not your "career". 


Let's fast forward to present day. I am sitting on my couch in Revelstoke ( yeah we moved) , it's Canada long weekend and I have two weeks left of work ( yeah I quit ). Let's just say lesson learned and my efforts will be focused on pursuing my passions before pursing a paycheck. but enough of that and here's and edit from Grand Daddy couloir back in April. 

Enjoy your weekend and come back often because fresh content will be pouring in weekly.