And The Drought Continues

We have been patiently waiting for Ullr to bless us with his bountiful snowfall creating powers but he has pretty much ignored us this season, leaving only dribs and drabs of meagre snowfall that generally total nothing more than trace amounts on our favourite resort conditions pages.  What did we do to possibly deserve this ? Did we not burn enough skis in the name of Ullr? Maybe, but what can we do? We have been going crazy waiting for the snow to come and short of sacrificing virgins there isn't a whole lot we can do (plus they're near impossible to find in the Bow Valley anyway).  At least we are being blessed with some stable avalanche conditions for a change this season. Time to do some exploraskiing!  

Vince and Kyle left the Bow Valley to meet up with Erik (Canada's foremost John Cleese lookalike who happens to man our Revelstoke office) at the Discovery Centre located at the top of the historical Rogers Pass - the part of the Trans Canada highway which also happens to be a world renowned ski touring mecca. It never snows here, just rains - trust us, we wouldn't lie. Once both parties arrived we checked out which areas were open, had a quick chat about our objectives for the day  and headed off to a northerly facing area. We were looking for pillows for future shoots and we were not disappointed.

The diving board feature is an easy 8m. 


While the zones were nothing short of what we were looking for (except the photo above, that's just silly), conditions were certainly not primed to jump on the rodeo train and start pillow bashing.  We worked our way further up the ridge to a second bench that had some features we could manage with our current ski conditions. 

Mos of what we skied looked like this. Not too bad

Even the views didn't bore us. Bonus! 

Vince got rad.

Kyle with some turkey vulture steeze.

Kyle links some pow turns to end the day.

The day could not have gone any better. What was planned to be a scouting mission for future film days once the snow returns had turned into a fun day in the mountains with great skiing and fun features. Rogers Pass has been a crew favourite for some time and given the vastness of the park we have only begun to scratch the surface of this places potential. If only it would snow some day.