We got skunked, so we made this.

We were off before the crack of dawn, mountaineering axes in hand and a big objective planned for the day.  We met up on highway 93N where we skinned up to get access to the couloir in the photo below.

This couloir is in your face along the road. 

It was a very easy skin from the parking area and just a short bootpack got us up high on a ridge. We were watched by a mountain goat just hanging out as we topped out on the ridge.

Axe and skis.jpg
Michelle on the bootpack

Michelle on the bootpack

Once we got over to the open slope below the couloir we started seeing red flags. Blowing down to depth hoar with every step made up investigate the lower snowpack. We found a large layer for 5mm depth hoar crystals and after a quick hand pit and a compression test ( failed on ct-1 yikes) we decided to bailout and just head back to the car.  


Even with an avalanche buletin reading Low at all elevation bands it's important to slow down and have a look. We were all confident in our decision to bail and that couloir is still in the same spot and we will return in the future. Nothing to feel bad about. 

With less than epic skiing to the car we didn't take out the big camera's. So here is pretty much the dumbest edit you should see from us. hopefully.