Whislter, Slopestyle tv and mashed potatoes?

Early January Kyle and Michael got the call from Slopestyle t.v for a Whistler back-country shoot. Mike is in Canada on a tourist visa, so he didn't have anything better to do and Kyle ditched work for the week in a heartbeat. We packed up the car only three short days after we got the invite and we drove the 800kms from Canmore,Ab to Whistler.

Once there we met up with Matt and Chris at our pimped out condo that Whistler hooked us up with( check out episode below for mention pimpy condo )  It snowed 8cms each day for the first two days, just enough to refresh the practically deserted resort. Day three we met up with Extremely Canadian guides based in the whistler village. They provide steep skiing clinics as well as back-country touring tours. The biggest surprise of the trip was our guides, Peter Smart ( Owner of Extremely Canadian ) and Keith Reid ( the president of the ACMG kinda a big deal) and it was absolutely dumping. We couldn't believe our luck . We geared up, headed up the mountain and quickly scurried out of bounds. With strong winds and HEAVY precipitation, the avalanche danger quickly went from Moderate to High in the alpine, so we skied treed meadows for the day. It did not suck.   

After hearing on many occasions the terms "mashed potatoes", Whistler cement " and "Whistler Mank" we were pretty damned surprised to find cold smoke in the Coast range.  Skiing with these guides was definitely the highlight of the trip for everyone involved.  We were in love with Whistler and never wanted to leave.

Day 4 the resort reported over 40 cms of fresh snow overnight, we woke up early, got in line for the gondola on Creekside, where we waited for an hour in the rain. Once we finally got to the top on the gondi, we waiting in line again for the chair and on the way up we noticed everything was completely skied out already mid-mountain. We unloaded and skied 40 cms of the heaviest snow we have ever encountered. All the terms came rushing back. Whistler cement. Yup and all of Vancouver was there to ski it. We realized how great and quiet things are in the Rockies and were glad that we call them home. 

Here is the full episode produced by Chris of Eclipse Media. Check it out!