Pre-work turns

The mass majority of us ski as a hobby, a select few ski for a living , we at Chasing Snowflakes are somewhere in between. We ski 100+ days a year, ski 5 days a week and get rad almost everyday but we still need to make ends meet....through work like the rest of the "real" world.  Many of our ski days end at 1 pm so we can get home , have a shower, pack a lunch and head off to work but that doesn't mean work days can't be good ski days. Thursday morning Sunshine Village had reported a mere 2 cms of over night snow but that didn't stop us from finding the goods! 

our super secret stash! 

Mike finding the goods right under everyone's noses.

Weeee! Kyle catching some air.

 Jess ripping!

Maybe ripped a little to hard.

all in all not a bad way to kill a few hours before work!