Pow Turns Before Halloween.

A few days ago, on the 25th of October, a few of us drove out to Highwood Pass in Kananaskis, AB for a little exercise and to see if we could get some turns in... Less than an hour later after a short tour upwards from the parking lot, we found ourselves in a nearly untouched field with two already built jumps sitting one after the other. We were too stoked, none of us had expected much of a base or anything that would be worth a few laps of hiking. The four of us hiked the second jump a few times and decided to pull the camera out and snap some photos.... We came out with a few beauties. More than happy with the photos we got for just a few hours of hiking & jumping. The guys all landed the tricks that they wanted to do, and all ended up with some pretty rad photos. 

Andrew Paszt getting his hike on.

Jesse getting that Lincoln Loop around on his home-made Peel skis. So sick.

Andrew getting the first rotation around on his cork 7.

Zach doing a flawless rodeo, stomped!